This extraordinary book emerged from the web postings of “Juneau” and “Xena”, serious, mature professional women whose lives were upended by Adam Lambert, the 27-year-old, openly gay singer who rocketed to fame as the runner-up in American Idol’s eighth season. As the American Idols tour rolled across the continent, the women chronicled their obsession, broke open hidden corners of their lives and set free fountains of creativity. Impassioned, insightful, campy and hilarious, their writings veer from the sublime to the ridiculous. No topic is off limits, from religion and Socrates to gay porn. Say they, “No one is more shocked than we are at what we ended up writing.”

What readers are saying:

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“. . . more fascinating than a train wreck. A train wreck with underwear showing . . . ” “The whole chronicle seems to unravel with such speed and such urgency . . . It’s unputdownable.” “The writing is brilliant . . . an amazingly clear, intelligent and incisive way of expressing things, and the honesty is captivating.“ “It is incredible to witness the serendipitous collision of such intelligence and passion, stirred by a beautiful, talented entertainer and fuelled by the constant chatter of sights and sounds that technology has provided.” “Oh . . . and p.s. it’s sexy as hell.”

Excerpts from book

“… as the stage went dark for the long, pregnant pause before Adam’s set, the mounting tension and excitement in the crowd was palpable. And with the first blitz of strobe lights and thunderclaps, the entire arena rose as one to its feet with a collective roar. The only people who remained sitting were the ones in wheelchairs (and I almost expected some of them to leap to their feet too). And yes, I felt the temperature rise, a tide of heat fueled by adrenalin and hormones surging through every living body in that arena.”

“I can’t believe I am sharing such intimate and painful secrets with you. I have been thinking about something Adam said in one of his interviews, about not hiding who you are. That one made me catch my breath. I try to live with integrity, and I am constitutionally incapable of lying, but it’s all too easy to conceal parts of yourself, the parts that hurt. You have given me strength…”

Includes faux tattoo of Adam’s Eye of Horus

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Adam's Tattoo
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